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With a crash of thunder and a bright white flash, the front door flies open revealing a rainstricken landscape of mountains and forests of the quality that makes a certain kind of movie director come over all funny.

The tall, thin figure standing in the doorway is wearing dark. Not merely black, this cape is woven of the Absolute Dark, that makes mere black seem perky and cheerful. Out of the hood of the cape, two points of blue light shine out of the eye sockets of a polished white skull, and from a sleeve, white fingerbones curl around the handle of a scythe.

No, actually, make that a Scythe. This bears as much resemblance to a farming utensil as its bearer has to a human biology teaching instrument - only a passing similarity. Its blade is so thin as to be faintly translucent, and the sharp edge glows blue as it cuts into the very molecules of the air.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to Milliways the Grim Reaper.

Of course, the entrance would be a little more dramatic if he didn't promptly bang his skull on the doorframe as he walks in.